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Brad founded Ambassador Solutions, an IT staffing & recruiting firm, with a “people first philosophy” in 1989 after starting his IT career with IBM in 1978. In 2016, in pursuit of his lifelong passion for the sanctity of life and the beautiful choice of adoption, Brad co-founded In Business for Life Inc. (501c3). Brad holds a BS Degree in Business from Indiana University and MBA from Taylor University. Brad and his wife, Elaine, have five married children and eleven grandchildren (as of 1/7/22). His life and business philosophies are chronicled in his book, In Business for Life.

We Know CISOs

Video Transcript Before becoming the Director of National Intelligence, friend and former Indiana Senator Dan Coats said, “Cyber threats have moved to the No. 1 spot as the most direct threat to America.” That’s why we are particularly focused on information security executive search. The future of our nation could well depend upon the leadership [...]

THE Question Every Board Member Will Soon Be Asking…Or Should Be

Every rookie salesperson worth their weight in Ramen noodles knows the answer to this question --what is your company/product's "Unique Selling Proposition" (USP)? A USP is the one thing that sets companies and products apart from their competition. A strong one can take a company on a breathless up and to the right growth trajectory [...]

The #1 Reason Why a Trump Presidency Should Scare Every American

While preparing for the short walk to my polling place yesterday, I was torn between donning a clothespin on my nose or an American flag over my shoulder.  I chose the latter and swore off engaging in any political rancor throughout what turned into a very long day.  After dozing off between 2 and 3am, I awoke to hear [...]

Sow On To Go On

"Those who sow with tears will reap with joy." - Psalms 126:5 One early morning last week, at the intersection of business and life, I found this ancient harvest principle to be immensely helpful.  So much so, I thought others might possibly reap some benefit for themselves. No reaping.  No seeds crop harvested.  [...]

Millennial Drops Bomb On Boomer In Sauna War

Most mornings, I can be found in my fitness center sauna following a workout.  Monday night was a rare exception. With a late business dinner on tap, I decided to hit the lap pool around 6pm to catch a second wind before heading downtown.  Little did I know I was heading smack dab into the Sauna War. I was [...]

Saluting Our Silent Cyber War Heroes

Having recently spoken to dozens of Chief Security Officers (CSO) and Chief Information Security Officers (CISO), I've yet to find a single one who does not agree with the following quote from Senator Coats. "Cyber threats have moved to the No. 1 spot as the most direct threat to America." - Dan Coats, Director of [...]

IT Leadership Change Under Consideration…

...or perhaps it should be?  Imagine receiving the resignation of your top IT executive.  Would you be concerned or relieved?  If you would be relieved, then it might be time to consider a change in IT leadership.  But, before listing all the problems you perceive with your current IT leader, consider stepping back to see [...]

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