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Why Ambassador For Your Digital Staffing Solutions?

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Pre-Employment 3 Cs Assessment

Ambassador Solutions rigorously screens for IT Talent meeting our 3C criteria.

  • Character
  • Competence
  • Chemistry

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Industry Leading Guarantees

Minimize hiring risks with Ambassador Solutions’ industry leading guarantees:

  • 50% discount on first perm placement
  • Two-week risk-free initial contract
  • Right to hire ALL contractors
  • No Square Peg Promise

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Avoid Bad Hires At All Costs

  • The average cost of a bad hire is $15,000.
  • The average cost of losing a good hire is $30,000.

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1 Year Guarantee On Perm Placement

We would be honored to be your Brand Ambassador in the highly competitive market for tech talent.

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Pre-Employment 3 Cs Assessment

Every Ambassador candidate is rigorously screened for exceptional character, competence, and chemistry. Character comes first at Ambassador because we believe no degree of competence can make up for a serious flaw in character.

  • Do they have a good work ethic?
  • Can they adapt to change and learn?
  • Are they a doer committed to lifelong learning?


  • Have they demonstrated mastery of the required skills?
  • Do they possess sufficient knowledge of the subject matters?
  • How have they demonstrated good judgment in applying their skills and knowledge?


  • Do they embody your company’s values and culture?
  • Are they a team player?
  • Is their personality a good fit with the rest of the team?

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Industry-Leading Guarantees

Minimize hiring risks with Ambassador Solutions’ industry-leading guarantees:

  • One-year perm replacement
  • Our Two-week risk-free initial contract
  • Right to hire ALL contractors
  • No Square Peg Promise

These guarantees also minimize your risk in adding Ambassador Solutions to your IT staffing vendor list by:

  • Replacing your first full-time hire at no charge if he/she quits or is terminated during first year.
  • Allowing you to cancel your first contract with us after two weeks for performance reasons without being billed for up to 80 hours.
  • Giving you the contractual right to hire any contractor under guaranteed terms.
  • We promise to never fill the round hole in your roster with a square peg candidate just because they happen to be sitting on our bench.

When IT comes to client satisfaction, Ambassador Solutions guarantees IT!
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Digital Staffing And Project Planning

The purpose of a job description is to communicate how the job meets the needs and requirements of your business. Many digital job postings use unnecessary jargon and terminology. We take the time to understand:

  • Your business needs
  • Your true job requirements
  • Best practices to meet both

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Connect With Our Digital Talent Network

The True IT Pros you are looking for are unlikely to see your job posting. That is why most of your applicants are not qualified for your positions. Ambassador is constantly networking with the best and brightest IT professionals around the country, so you can tap into our digital talent network as needed. We offer perm, contract, contract-to-hire and project team building services. Ambassador can meet your digital staffing needs when and wherever you need them met.
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Our Success Stories

“Ambassador Solutions has become the “go-to” partner for us. They consistently provide high caliber talent with a focus on cultural fit. We now have many IT associates that began their journey with Ambassador. Ambassador’s focus on people first and doing the right thing for the customer have cemented a very valuable long-term partnership. I highly recommend”

CIO, Healthcare Client

“I have worked with Brad since my early days as a “baby recruiter”. Brad has been a client, mentor and a trusted advisor spiritually, professionally and personally. His leadership and integrity can be seen in everything he does. I hope to work with him again and again in my career.”

Senior Corporate Recruiter, Staffing Industry