CEO/Founder: Brad Lindemann (January 13, 2024)

Disclaimer:  This is a heartfelt faith-based message meant to encourage unemployed people around the world without regard to their spiritual beliefs or lack thereof.

Prolonged unemployment is hard to handle under the best of circumstances.  Under the circumstances many found themselves in this past year, it seemed unbearable.  And still does for far too many.  There is little solace in knowing your plight is shared by millions of your fellow citizens.  You are not looking for hand-outs, you JUST WANT A JOB!  Not only to provide for yourself and your family, but to get back the dignity you feel you lost when you lost your job.

If you are currently unemployed, the national unemployment numbers matter little to you.  Your personal unemployment rate is 100% and that hurts. Sometimes it hurts so badly, you would give anything to have someone who could believe in, with and even for you. If you will allow me the privilege, I would be honored to play that role for you today…yes you!

As with any advice, you should always consider the source. If the one suggesting how to live your life has never walked in your shoes, proceed with caution. Such is not the case here. I was ruthlessly fired by my previous employer and have survived three near death corporate experiences since co-founding Ambassador Solutions in 1989. To date, 2009 was far and away the most difficult year of my life, both personally and professionally. I clung for dear life to the words of encouragement that I’m privileged to share with you…and it worked! God showed up for me and He will show up for you, provided you want Him to.

Do not lose hope. THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE. I know. You’ve heard it all. I’m sure you haven’t been wanting for career advice from well-meaning family members, friends and former associates. No matter what they say, what you hear is, “get a job!” It hurts at the core of your being. As you click-through another unemployed day on your calendar, with it goes another shred of your ever shrinking self-esteem. The mounting financial pressure is crushing your spirit and your balance sheet.

So, how can anyone bear the burden of unemployment? The truth is no one can…alone. The truth is people were not designed to bear such burdens alone. The truth is, God alone can and will bear your burdens (jobwise or otherwise), so you don’t have to.

YOU ARE NEVER ALONE. The God of the universe is with you and now that you’re reading this…so am I. It’s no accident. Read on, to hear what God Himself has to say…to you:

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” (1 Peter 5:7)

This short verse is so very relevant to your current situation. Please don’t discount it. Right now, God is saying, “I care about you more than you can possibly imagine”. Right now, to you, God is saying, “I know what you’re going through. It hurts me to watch you suffer. Please let me help you”. Right now, God really is saying to YOU, “Give me the burdens that you can no longer bear. I want you to literally throw them at me, so you can stop worrying about them”.

I may not know you, but I do know that GOD LOVES YOU… with or without a job. I do know that if your circumstances seem impossible, then perhaps it’s time to turn them over to the God who makes all things possible. I do know that if you’re feeling like a failure, then it’s time to turn to the One who will never fail you nor forsake you. I do know that if you’re lacking bread for the table, then it’s time to turn to Him who is the bread of life.

Could Ambassador be the answer to your job prayers? It’s possible, but we don’t want to build false hopes. If you’re a seasoned IT professional, please make sure we have your up-to-date information in our database. If we can help you, we will.

My friend,there is always hope…you are never alone…God loves you. I join God in believing in, with and for you today. May you and yours know His presence, peace and providence –both now and throughout the New Year!

God’s best…always!


Brad L. Lindemann


Ambassador Solutions