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How To Win The IT Talent War In 2022

It’s no secret that the job market has changed significantly in the last two years, none more than the IT market. When it comes to attracting and retaining true IT pros, what worked in 2019 – 2021 likely won’t work in 2022. So, let’s explore the recruitment trends that should be on your radar to [...]

Tips for Finding a New Job While Keeping Your Current One

Finding a new job while you’re juggling a current one can be tricky, though not impossible. Job seekers are clearly more marketable while employed, though they must be aware of the risks associated with the search. What follows are tips for minimizing those risks. 1. Keep your job search a secret. Some companies will not [...]

SenseOn Attracts $20M In VC Funding

Wondering what the next BIG thing in cybersecurity risk mitigation might be? According to Tech Crunch, an impressive group of venture capitalists think they may have found it. Startup SenseOn was able to raise $20M in funding due to their faster, more accurate cybersecurity detection and response system. Their so-called ‘triangulation’ approach is cloud/AI based [...]

Black Hole Discovered in Microsoft Cloud

Cyber security is a concern for all IT professionals, not just those working within that important discipline. Every true IT pro does their part to ensure their organization’s data is as secure as possible. How so? Cybersecurity and the Cloud As if that burden wasn’t enough, along came “the cloud”. Of course, the Cloud allows [...]

Feedback: “The Breakfast of Champions” ®

According to “the live chat people” at LiveAdmins, these are four of the top reasons why customer feedback is so critical to the success of any business, in order to: Find actionable data on which they can act in order to improve their image and/or increase sales; Unearth otherwise unknown reasons, Unique Selling Propositions (USP), [...]

Clear and present danger: Cybersecurity best basics for your organization

Graphic from Concerns related to cybersecurity plagued businesses of all sizes and in all industries in 2021. Such threats may range from monstrous data breaches to malware, downtime, and the loss of control over one’s operations. A quick Google search will produce dozens of results that frame the narrative that, although unseen, cybersecurity threats [...]

It’s Time to Put People in Their Proper Place

I have never been fond of the term “human resources”, though I do have great respect for the man credited with its origination. In 1954, management guru, Peter Drucker, posed the question, “Is personnel management bankrupt?” While answering “no” to his question he coined the phrase “human resources”…and it stuck. Drucker did, however, see much [...]

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