Ambassador Missions has discovered an amazing organization that is changing the world in a big way. By way of an introduction, we’ve got a trivia question for you:

What is the world’s most expensive luxury version
of a product relative to the cost of the
comparable standard version?

DiamondHint #1: The luxury version costs at least 2,000 times more than the comparable standard version.

Hint #2: Global sales of the luxury version exceed $100 billion per year.

Hint #3: The United States consumes more of the luxury version than any other country.

Hint #4: There is no evidence to suggest that the luxury version is superior to the comparable standard version in any meaningful way.

JetHint #5: There are serious environmental issues associated with the consumption of the luxury version. No such concerns exist with the comparable standard version.

Hint #6: One billion people around the world do not have access to either the luxury or the comparable standard version.

Hint #7: Human life cannot be sustained without some version of this product.

Give up?

Here’s the answer.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this provocative topic and how it might lead us to do well while doing good.

Whada’ ya’ think?