Shortly after meeting Him, I met one of His most fanatical followers.  A true groupie of the One Man Band.  His name was Keith Green, an incredibly gifted musician who gave his all for his King while performing for his audiences.  My lovely bride and I wore out the holy vinyl our brother, Keith, laid down in the early ‘80s. He literally poured his pure heart into our young and thirsty souls. 

Though never meeting him in person, we loved Keith Green for what he taught us about THE person.  That’s why we cried so hard the day Keith’s earthly music died in a fiery plane crash on July 28, 1982.  Though five years younger than when his Savior breathed His last breath, Keith was wise beyond his years in things that truly matter…in this life and beyond.

Keith’s First Album

We were far from being alone in our love for Keith and his music.  Thanks to a blast from the past from another Green groupie, I can now introduce Keith Green to you.  On this Maundy Thursday, we commemorate a simple supper held over two thousand years ago where instead of being the entree, the Lamb of God was guest of honor.  At the time, His guests were understandably confused by His words comparing the bread to His body and the wine to His blood.  But, it wasn’t long before things became painfully, yet wonderfully, clear.

What about you, my friend?  How clear do the things that matter most in this life and beyond seem to you?  As you watch and listen (and I pray you will) to a 28-year-old young man pour his heart out in worship to the crucified, dead, buried and resurrected King of Kings and Lord of Lords, just a few months before meeting his own tragic death, what stirs in you?  

His name is Jesus.  He proved His love for you by dying.  He proved his ultimate power by resurrecting.  He proved that you have nothing to prove to Him.  He gave His all for you.  Need more proof?  Look inside the empty tomb. #HeIsRisen #JesusIsTheAnswer