In Business for Life by Brad Lindemann

The following is an excerpt from my first book, In Business For Life. I wrote the book for a number of reasons, but reason #1 was because I made a deathbed promised to my father that I would. While mustering motivation and archiving material for his own book, Pop ran out of time. The gold watch my father received from Sears & Roebuck the previous year stopped ticking when he was 60 years young on August 1, 1991. Three weeks later, his only son turned 35 and feels like he’s been aging in dog years ever since because:

When a man’s father dies, any excuse the son has clung to for not being the true man he was meant to be, dies with him

May 29, 2001

Hey Pop,

Mom said under the same circumstances, you would have done the same thing. I’m not sure about that. You always seemed more under control than I’ve felt most of my adult life. But times were easier then, right Pop? Maybe. I’m not sure about that either. If fact, I’m confused about most things these days. Sure wish you were here to unconfuse me, Pop.

Adult life? Mine with you contained 16 years on life’s shelf between two beers as bookends. Remember that illegal draft we shared just before I was married in 1976? I was neither old enough to drink nor marry, yet both worked out just fine. I’ve still never shared the secrets you shared with me that day. Never will. Been married to that cute little co-ed for 25 years now. I think we’re going to make it, but it hasn’t always been easy. Sure wish you were here to help us along the way, Pop.

About that second beer…our last one together. It was July of ‘91. Like always, you made the coffee that morning. That afternoon, we had a beer on the back patio. Mine went into a sick stomach and a broken heart. Yours, into a bag by your side. A few hours later, you walked me to my car and we said our last good-byes. Actually, what you said was, “See you later, son.” I’m holdin’ ya’ to that, Pop. Sure wish you were here now though, ‘cause I’m in a bit of trouble.

Remember that book you never got around to writing? Well, like I promised I would, I wrote it… for us. Sorry I sullied the family name in the process. Not the first book inspired by a jailhouse experience. Won’t be the last. Do you think the end can ever justify the means? I’m not sure. Guess I’m still confused about a lot of things. I miss you, Pop. Sure wish you were here. I’ll see ya’ later…I’m sure…I think.


Son One

In Business for Life by Brad Lindemann

In Business for Life
by Brad Lindemann

Your life has purpose. Find that purpose and you will find the fulfillment you long for. Miss it and you risk becoming what Zig Ziglar referred to as a “wandering generality.” God’s best for you is lived out in pursuit of His purpose for you. In Business For Life can help you find it.

“The author has a way with words! Funny, witty, enjoyable, and interesting. This is not the usual type of book I would read but I gave it a shot and I’m so glad I did. Well worth the read. Actually I think it would be a worthwhile read for anyone!”Dean Gleason

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