Video Transcript

Technologies come and go. The common variable is always the people. It’s always about the people. Dignity, integrity and excellence. We want to nurture the dignity of every person that we come into contact with at Ambassador Solutions.

We are one of the few firms that is going to make what’s most important to you most important to us. It’s not just filling a roster spot; it’s being a trusted advisor in building a team. First the client’s team, then we fill the gaps with members of our team.

We are looking for character, competence and chemistry. We work very very hard to ensure that each of our candidates that we present to clients is a professional with impeccable character, with competence that has been proven through experience and education, and finally a professional that fits within the team that they’re going to find themselves in.

I see customers just spending more time than they need to. We want a place at the table with the CIO, looking at what the business needs us to do to get it where it’s trying to go. What are those strategic initiatives? What is the staffing plan that it takes to achieve that?

That is where we play to win their game, not ours. It’s their game. We are there to help our clients win.