The 1:21 AM text from one of our five married children simply said, “Weeping. It’s pure evil”. Knowing this particular child’s unbridled passion for the sanctity of human life, I had little doubt about the subject of the link accompanying the text. My instincts were correct –“The Reproductive Health Act of Horror”. On the the 46th anniversary of the controversial Roe v. Wade decision, in a legal act of horror that will live in infamy as “RHA”, New York State legalized abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, including dilation.

Americans now live in a country that is seconds and centimeters away from newborn babies being inspected in the delivery room by their parents who are then free to dispose of him or her for virtually any reason. I speak for no one but myself when I say I cannot live with this morbid infanticide reality. At the end of my days, I must be able to look my wife, children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and my God in the eye and say, “I did everything I possibly could to stop my Nation from sacrificing its children on the altar of convenience”.

That’s why I’m In Business For Life. That’s why I’m willing to risk offending many to save many more. That’s why I must be a voice for the voiceless…defender of the defenseless…advocate for the most innocent among us. And, that’s why I’m challenging every man in America to join me. That’s right, men, I’m calling you out.

But wait, aren’t we talking about the ultimate women’s issue? If abortion is a problem, isn’t it primarily a women’s problem? Besides, most women seem to take offense to men invading this very private and personal space…don’t they? Not really. Not when it matters most. According to Heartbeat International, 61% of post-abortive women surveyed say they would have chosen life for their babies had a single significant male in their support system supported them in choosing to parent or place their child for adoption.

Single…significant…male. He doesn’t have to be the father. He just has to be a man willing to “man-up”, to look a single significant woman in the eye and say, “I stand with you AND your baby. We’ll figure it out…together”. He could be her father, brother, grandfather, uncle or just a trusted male friend. Who he cannot be is the man who shrinks when a child’s life is on the line, hiding behind this ultimate cop-out statement, “It’s your decision. I’ll support you in whatever you decide”. In his excellent book, “Abortion the Ultimate Exploitation of Women”, Brian Fisher says this “is the same as saying,  Go ahead and abort my child. I don’t care enough about you or the baby to protect either of you”. Leading me to say:

A woman’s right to choose gives those in her support system a right to an opinion which they express by providing or withholding support for “her choice“.

Begging the question, whose choice is it, really? When men act like men, the women in their lives feel secure and free to follow their hearts. The heart of a pregnant woman is naturally drawn to love and nurture the life growing within her. That is because maternal instincts are wired into every woman’s DNA. That is also why I have long believed that abortion is actually the ultimate men’s issue.

Men, there are few among us who have not or will not be directly or indirectly impacted by an abortion decision. What we say and do in those critical life and death situations will substantially define the kind of men we are. So I must ask you, what kind of man do you want to be? Do you want to stand tall on the life side of history or do you want to cower in the corner and watch as innocent lives continue to be destroyed? My fervent hope and prayer is that you will man-up and stand with me on the life side of history…starting today.

You may need to start by re-visiting a past abortion you were complicit in. This may eventually lead to contacting the one with whom you shared that experience. Doing so will take great courage and needs to be done very cautiously. I strongly advise you to seek professional counsel before broaching this very tender topic with a post-abortive woman, particularly one married to someone else. Until you feel genuine remorse for the role you played before and after the abortion and fervently desire her forgiveness, DO NOT contact her. Doing so will only add to her pain and prolong her wait for the freedom she desperately needs. To gain poignant insight into how she might be feeling, I encourage you to watch the excellent documentary featuring the stories of post-abortive women, Into My Arms. Another excellent resource is

No one died to appoint me or anyone else judge.

To post-abortive women reading this, thank you. Thank you for having the courage to start and the resolve to finish, though you may disagree with every word. If you accept nothing of what I say, please accept this. No one died to appoint me or anyone else judge. If you don’t regret your abortion, I am not called to convince you otherwise. Though I am willing to die for my unwavering pro-life convictions, I would rather die than be guilty of turning a single post-abortive woman (or man) away from the only One who can truly set them free. During my involvement with Pregnancy Help Centers over many years, I have seen countless women set free from the guilt and shame many suffer over a past abortion. Oft times one that occurred decades ago. It is never too late to lay that burden down. So please, if it is a burden, know that it is not one you need carry alone. Take the first step towards freedom by contacting your local Pregnancy Help Center.

Men, it is time for us to man-up and stop abandoning our women when they need us most. It’s time to right the wrongs of the past and do everything in our power to ensure they’re not repeated. The stakes are high, gentlemen. The future of our Nation hangs in the balance. Any nation that does not stand for the inalienable right to life of its most innocent and defenseless citizens, will inevitably fall. God forbid that it be on our watch. Please join me on the life side of history that it may never be so.

This article describes the “pure evil” our child was weeping over in the wee hours of the morning —RHA.