It was painfully to the point – “financs, rejection, loneliness, migraines”.  That was it.   Her entire prayer request was four simple, pain-filled words.    “Mary” had found the link to the Ambassador Prayer Team on our web site.  How fitting that “finances” was misspelled, as it seems that our entire nation has forgotten how to spell anything having to do with finance or money matters.  Was Mary’s list in priority order from most to least painful or was it simply all she could get out given the extreme pain she’s obviously in?

Rejection.  Based upon many other prayer requests over the years, it’s a good bet that the rejection Mary is feeling relates to the loss of a job.  This, plus the reoccurring rejection experienced after every dead-end interview or unreturned phone call can quickly turn a happy, confident employee into a sad and wounded job seeker.  As the unemployed days mount, so do the feelings of rejection.

Loneliness.  Until she lost it, Mary didn’t realize how much her work family meant to her.  Some of her closest friends were her co-workers, but now it’s awkward to be around them.  It’s tough making new friends when you don’t have the time or money to go places where you could meet them…like at work.

Migraines.  Feeling broke, rejected and lonely, is it any wonder that Mary suffers from frequent and excruciating migraine headaches?  She probably can’t remember the last day she didn’t have a headache.  Slowly but surely, she has come to accept her migraines as a constant companion.  In fact, she’s secretly thankful for the excuse they give her to just “check out” from the painful existence her life has become.
But then, just as her last ray of hope was fading and the black hole that had become her soul threatened to swallow her, Mary stumbled onto a strange web site with a unique offer.  Prayer requests?  “Yeah right.  Like the God of the universe has time to join my little pity party”, thinks Mary.  Besides, she’s not even sure there is a God.  And if there is, then she’s mad as hell at Him for allowing her life to become such a mess.  Yet, she is mysteriously drawn to the offer.  As Mary turns her heart toward heaven and her hands toward the keyboard, she struggles mightily to put her pain into words –“financs, rejection, loneliness, migraines”.  Surely God can fill in the blanks.  She prayed that He would.

If you can relate to Mary’s feelings of desperation, then please read this.  It was written just for you and Mary and millions of kindred spirits whose American dreams have become a reoccurring nightmare.  I truly hope it helps.  Either way, I would love to hear from you.