Product Spotlight - CISOnation

Indy’s own, DEFCON CYBER™, is a comprehensive cybersecurity awareness and compliance platform.  It vigilantly monitors InfoSec environments according to Best Practices (National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework), then alerts customers according to their priorities to better protect their information.  This is achieved by:

Discovering the unknowns in InfoSec operations and measuring the risk of time to resolve problems, such as:

  • Asset Management: Servers operating in a distributed environment going unnoticed because they’re not on anyone’s inventory list
  • Prioritization: Notifications of devices plugging into networks not getting immediate attention
  • Awareness: Unaware of machines not loaded with the corporate antivirus software
  • Resource: 14 system dashboards being monitored by one person

Applying decision-making logic and context to formalized response workflows and enabling informed remediation prioritization.

Reconciling the critical notifications of multiple security technologies by connecting the organization’s business cybersecurity risk strategy (represented by its prioritized best practice outcomes which overlays industry controls such as ISO 27000, COBIT, NIST 800-53, etc) with the existing security technologies it has in place.

Correlating and rationalizing data from multiple security sensors to save time and resources.

Prioritizing security operations’ incidents, automating and tracking response and remediation, while measuring the related risk.   For more information on how DEFCON CYBER™ works, download their “How it works” PDF.

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Upcoming Product Spotlight: AppGuard

We’re doing due diligence on this product and would welcome input from anyone with insight or experience with it…or the people behind it.

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