Those who sow with tears will reap with joy.”
– Psalms 126:5

The Harvest of Golden GrainOne early morning last week, at the intersection of business and life, I found this ancient harvest principle to be immensely helpful.  So much so, I thought others might possibly reap some benefit for themselves.

No sowing…no reaping.  No seeds planted…no crop harvested.  But, sowing with tears?  It seems so unnatural.  So counter-intuitive.

Sowing while crying tears of remorse over poor harvests past…really?  You didn’t plant seeds of sorrow, but that’s what you yielded.  Like kudzu run amok, sorrow wrapped its insidious vines around your heart and soul, choking the very life out of you.  Then came morning and still no joy…no laughter…only tears and sorrow.

But, the fields bid you rise, grab your seed bag and sharpen your tiller’s blade.  Rise with the sun and sow your seed, your good seed, until sunset.  Sow through the doubts that a bountiful harvest will ever come again.  Sow through the memories of damnable droughts and devastating losses.  Sow until your good seed is gone…and it will bring rest to your soul.

Sow until your good seed is gone…and it will bring rest to your soul.
– Brad Lindemann

Sow on to go on, then lay down your weary bones.  Close your dry eyes under the soft glow of the harvest moon, as you prepare to reap your reward.  For truly joy comes in the morning to those who sow in tears, those who refuse to rest until the last good seed is sown.  Those who understand that to go on they must sow on…and so they do.