Ambassador Solutions has been delivering IT staffing, recruiting and project solutions to primarily Midwestern clients for over 30 years.  Our value proposition is derived from three commitments we make to every client:

  1. Put client team first
  2. Live by our values
  3. Do whatever IT takes

Put the Client Team First
We make what’s most important to our clients most important to us –building their team…not ours.  When they need help filling a key fulltime roster position, Ambassador is there.  When a major project requires some specialized contract help, Ambassador is there.  When one of those specialized contractors becomes indispensable, Ambassador is there with:

  • Free Agent Guarantee
    • Every contractor we place with a client is a “free agent” under pre-determined terms and conditions by which the client can convert contractors to fulltime employees.  Clients appreciate not being held hostage by contractors they can’t live without who cannot be converted to employees. 
  • No Bench Policy
    • In today’s gig economy, carrying a bench of IT professionals is both expensive and unnecessary.  This cost is reflected in the bill rates of firms with significant numbers of billable employees on their bench.  Our bill rates have no bench burden factor built into them, because we have no bench…and that’s a good thing. 
  • No Square Pegs Promise
    • Firms carrying a bench of highly paid IT professionals are under constant pressure to deploy them quickly at the highest possible rate.  The temptation to put square peg personnel into round peg client requirements can be overwhelming.  The bigger the project, the greater the temptation to put under qualified people on it.  The absence of such pressure at Ambassador allows us to make a “No Square Pegs Promise” to our clients.  

Live By Our Values
Our values have served us and our clients very well in both the best and worst of times.  We felt so strongly about our Core Values, we etched them in Indiana limestone on the lobby wall of our corporate headquarters:

Core Values etched in Indiana limestone

We think of them as values to “D.I.E.” for –Dignity, Integrity and Excellence.  Each Core Value is illuminated by four Values in Action guiding our day-to-day operations.  To learn more about Ambassador’s values, please refer to our Culture Book

Do whatever IT takes!
Ambassador delivers excellence to our clients the way they want IT:

  • Perm, contract and contract-to-hire agreements
  • Insourced, Outsourced and Offshore delivery models
  • Solutions delivered at staffing prices
  • IT executive search

Whether you need a true IT pro, a major project or an IT executive to help determine your needs, Ambassador will do whatever IT takes to meet them.  That includes helping you meet your budget by providing all of our services at fair fees with performance guarantees.

Sound too good to be true?  Yeah, we get that a lot.  That’s why we make doing business with Ambassador as easy as
1-2-3, so…

Let’s get IT started

1 – First perm placement 50% off

2 – One-year replacement guarantee on all perm placements

3 – Two week risk-free guarantee on all staffing contracts

Need to justify adding a new vendor to your list?  If the three jump-starters above aren’t sufficient, just let us know what is and we’ll likely add it to the list.  Otherwise, “whatever IT takes!” would just be another catchy, but empty, slogan.  Not the Ambassador way.

So, let us know what IT takes to add your firm to our long list of very satisfied clients, then… let’s get IT started!