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Post-Pandemic Recruiting: High Tech/High Touch

The pandemic disrupted many areas of life, including talent acquisition and recruiting. In person interviews are now the exception to the prior rule. This will likely remain so even when the workplace finds its new normal. Thanks to recent advances in technology, most found the transition to a virtual recruiting world relatively easy. Many believe [...]

3 Job Seeking Tips for True IT Pros

If you think filling out an on-line application and attaching a fancy resume (professionally done or not) is enough to land you an interview in today’s world-- think again. Here are three simple ways to increase your interview odds: 1. Connect. Connect. Connect. Connect with and message as many LinkedIn contacts within your target companies [...]

Why Snowflake is a hot commodity

By now you’ve probably heard of Snowflake. The tech company, founded in 2012, broke records when it raised more than $3 billion following its IPO launch. On the first day of trading, shares rose 112% and the market cap topped out at about $67 billion. So how did this wunderkind rise to the ranks of [...]

Hiring Is Tiring – Struggles, Risks, and Issues

According to the Harvard Business Review, hiring talent for job openings remains the number one concern of CEOs in the most recent Conference Board Annual Survey: it is also the top concern of the entire executive position. PwC’s 2017 CEO survey reports that chief executives view the unavailability of talent and skills as the biggest [...]

The True Cost of a Bad Hire….It’s More Than You Think.

Monetary The U.S. Department of Labor says the cost of a bad hire can reach up to 30 percent of the employee’s first-year earnings. The Undercover Recruiter reports bad hires can cost $240,000 in expenses. Those are broken down into costs related to hiring, pay and retention. CareerBuilder says 74 percent of companies who made [...]

The Current State of IT Staffing and Recruiting

“In the midst of crisis, lies great opportunity” - Albert Einstein Covid-19 has changed the world in virtually way imaginable. Businesses that require consumers to be in the same place at the same time such as Tourism, Hospitality, and Sporting Events will be changed permanently, others will carry on, but forever be reconfigured. Restaurants, bars, [...]

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